Monday, November 26, 2012


Sharing champagne smiles half-hashed beer bottle metaphors giggling guessing messages from asteroids I admired you from a distance(loved you because you loved him loved your mouth before I'd kissed it)you were the only woman I ever trusted to love him enough

Clenched teeth closed eyes held breath for years he's known that nothing stops a supernova not even love
She sat and smoked a cigarettecells dividing and dividingshe thought about this life she’s madecells dividing and dividingthis chess piece with which she’s chosen to playcells dividing and dividingis but a pawn in which she is just no longer confiding
We're all here now shifting in crowds to swim in the nebula breathe in the clouds though I’m guilty (it’s gluttony I hardly knew you)I’ll fill my lungs hoping to shine brighter through you