Thursday, January 13, 2011


She jumped through rainbows
unafraid of how the colors might swim
wading with friends, but on a journey
very much her own

She loved so hard I couldn't help but squeeze her tight
Strong-spirited little butterfly
twirling curly antennae
curious eyes
mind speeding through
adventures too daring to share
Smiles, gifts for the friends left in this town
A gift to bring herself around
Reality too heavy to allow herself to frown
Thoughts too complicated to talk sometimes

My words don't matter much

But I hope she has
her synchronicities explained
her God revealed
her heart settled
her song complete
her puzzle-piece placed

I hope her chest lifts high
her heart glowing bright
her head resting
to relieve
and relax
her mind

She is loved she is loved she is forever loved
Om shanti shanti shanti
Peace peace peace