Monday, November 26, 2012


Sharing champagne smiles half-hashed beer bottle metaphors giggling guessing messages from asteroids I admired you from a distance(loved you because you loved him loved your mouth before I'd kissed it)you were the only woman I ever trusted to love him enough

Clenched teeth closed eyes held breath for years he's known that nothing stops a supernova not even love
She sat and smoked a cigarettecells dividing and dividingshe thought about this life she’s madecells dividing and dividingthis chess piece with which she’s chosen to playcells dividing and dividingis but a pawn in which she is just no longer confiding
We're all here now shifting in crowds to swim in the nebula breathe in the clouds though I’m guilty (it’s gluttony I hardly knew you)I’ll fill my lungs hoping to shine brighter through you

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Key Still Fits

Tonight, we are cats who sprint toward closing doors
We are lovers-past wrapping, clawing, grasping
seeking heat and making warmth
Without water stains or who-spoons-who
We find our mismatched edges worn.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A wish waits at the window
pandering impossible desire 
branches shift in moon-made shadows
dancing like a funeral pyre
Back hot against an evening fire  
smiles trick on her love's face 
but she's not yet ready to retire 
fancies truth could fast deflate 
to end! as quick as summer rain 
from trembling walls and tin roof beats 
to silence: a weaker fate
than adumbrated fantasy
If not dissolved by wine and lips
she might resist. She might resist.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sitting By a Column

Sitting here, that’s all
cheek pressed against the marble
self-improvement sucks.
Ol’ Rail Splitter looking
past the dome/where you
used to be my home.
Wherever you are come rest your head on my lap.
Let me kiss your hair.

But no more of this;

sadness is what got us here.