Thursday, April 29, 2010


The closer I get, the more involved I become
in admiration of an intricate design

every tiny detail
every fleck of color
every marking left by

If: standing back
you still see the broken pieces

Let me lend you my eyes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Face striped by slats in sun
I was the one he preferred to eat with
tried to clean with his t-shirt before guests arrived
I apologized when the water stains wouldn’t budge.

My Goodbye brought no empowerment
It felt more like abandonment and it
wasn't enough It was a start
I'm smart enough to grip resolve
yet I've an elephant's romantic retention

It wouldn't be fair to call the present less for past Not when
the present is more than hot mashed skin and music and magic
though plenty of
That my past becomes
Hard to recall the days as his napkin-shrouded silver when I'm Hers

and maybe Tomorrow
we've talked about too much
but I did meet your heart, religion, politics before your
choice in wine.

I am filled with gourmet.
I am proudly displayed
with chipped edges and all.